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Attention to Detail


You don’t need to take time out of your business day to crunch numbers when there’s an accounting professional who can do it for you. At MacGillivray, we offer an array of bookkeeping, consulting, and tax services. From small business accounting to auditing assistance, we can help keep your business compliant and in the black.

We take an individualized approach to financial management. Our accounting staff has experience with the filing and documentation requirements of a range of industries and professions. Whether you need us once a year or you’re looking for ongoing advisory service, we have an affordable accounting plan that’s right for you.

Taking Care of Business

Audit and Assurance

No matter the size of your business, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping proper tabs on your finances while adhering to generally accepted accounting standards. However, keeping up with proper accounting practices takes time and energy. Even if you’re willing to put in the effort, you may not have the background needed to ensure that your business is truly compliant. Fortunately, that’s where MacGillivray comes in. Our team of highly skilled accounting professionals can review your books and practices to make sure you’re following the law and making the most of your revenue stream.

We understand that auditing is a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we pledge to handle all the details so that you don’t have to worry. We’ll come in and conduct a thorough audit and then present our findings in a clear and concise fashion. We’ll also use discretion throughout our audit to avoid interrupting your usual course of business.

Determining the Value

Business Valuations

A professional and objective business valuation is a necessary component of many transactions such as the purchase, sale or reorganization of a business. A business valuation may also be necessary in shareholder and partnership agreements, matrimonial settlements or estate proceedings. Our experienced team will provide you with an objective and accurate valuation of our business assets and goodwill.

Providing Excellent Service

Estate Planning

Many people think that estate planning is something that only the elderly need to think about. But if you have family members who depend on you, then the reality is that it’s never too early to start planning your estate. At MacGillivray, we’re here to help you make the right decisions for your estate and your family. Our estate planning services are designed to offer you the peace of mind you deserve, no matter your age or the state of your health.

When you work with us, you’ll get the help of a dedicated estate planning professional who will meet with you to discuss your finances, your goals, and your concerns. A representative from our team can help you plan for the future, however uncertain it may be. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service; and we’re eager to do whatever it takes to earn your trust.

Let Us Crunch the Numbers

Small Business Accounting

Running a small business takes time and dedication, and if you’re like most small business owners and managers, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Why add accounting to your ever-growing list of responsibilities when our team is on hand to help? At MacGillivray, we offer a variety of small business accounting services to local organizations.

There’s no question that accounting is of key importance to the success of any business. A small business accountant from MacGillivray can manage your books, balance your ledgers, and go through all the number-crunching to save your business money and help you maintain your bottom line.

Our accounting professionals enjoy working with small business representatives and owners like you. We pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to work with; and we take great pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Reducing your Tax Liabilities

Tax Services

Tax Planning

Reducing your tax liability requires a solid plan. At MacGillivray, we work to help our clients reduce their tax liability through proactive tax reduction strategies and meticulous planning.

Effective tax planning takes experience and an in-depth knowledge of the very latest changes to the tax code and tax law. It’s not about gaming the system, but rather finding opportunities to lower your taxes that you may not know about. At MacGillivray, we have what it takes to help you create an effective long-term tax plan. When you partner with MacGillivray, we’ll work closely with you to identify and implement effective tax-saving strategies, including:

  • Taking advantage of all available tax deductions
  • Deferring income when possible so that it’s taxed at the lowest possible rate
  • Choosing the right accounting methods for your business
  • Selecting the proper depreciation methods

For tax planning assistance you can count on, contact the professionals. 

Tax Preparation

Make sure that you’re able to meet all of your filing requirements on time by retaining tax preparation service from MacGillivray. We offer year-round assistance for individuals, professionals, and business owners. Whether you have a routine return or you’re facing an audit, our accountants will help you sort everything out.

We know how confusing tax regulations can be, so we’ll take the time to address your concerns and walk you through the process. Our goal will be to help you maximize your credits and limit your liabilities. You’ll also appreciate our attention to detail and efficient, professional manner.

When tax time rolls around, bring your paperwork to MacGillivray.